50th Anniversary

CCM marks 50th anniversary with aerial photo

Drone flies over group forming “50” on campus lawn

By Jamie Corter

A group of students and staff came out to form a “50” in the grass outside the Learning Resource Center while a drone took a picture and video as it flew overhead during college hour Tuesday, Oct. 9.

Setting up an event like this is no simple task, according to Kathleen Brunet Eagan, CCM’s marketing and public relations director.

“We started the project over a year ago when we started working with the 50th anniversary committee,” Brunet Eagan said. “Early on, the committee had talked about doing a human 50, but the drone part came later . . . If you look on the Internet now, you can find a lot of examples of [pixel people drone photos].”

In the fall of 1968, County College of Morris opened its door for the first time to 592 full-time and 703 part-time students who were eager to earn their college degree. The college has changed drastically since Dr. Sherman H. Masten, the schools first president, broke ground in 1967. Over its 50 years, CCM has welcomed three presidents: Dr. Sherman H. Master, Dr. Edward J. Yaw and Dr. Anthony J. Iacono, built approximately 15 buildings, and created more than 45 programs that students can enroll in. Special events have been set up throughout the 2018-2019 academic year to celebrate the college’s 50th year of being open.

The anniversary committee had stumbled upon some information that helped them better understand the history of the school while they were planning.

“We unintentionally obtained a lot of historical documents from the county about CCM’s founding,” Brunet Eagan said. “The media center is actually pulling out old video clips and making them available in a project called, ‘From the Archives’ . . .   It’s really been a process of rediscovering the college’s history.”

The largest event to celebrate the school’s anniversary comes later in the academic year. In May, the school will hold a large gala to celebrate 50 years, and one weekend will be known as “Titan Weekend.” In addition to these events, the college has an art exhibit, located in the Learning Resource Center’s art and design gallery, that is dedicated to the history of CCM. But until the gala, Allison Ognibene, CCM’s marketing and public relations specialist, has been posting past photos of the school on the college’s Instagram.

“We know that a lot of the events have been scattered,” Ognibene said. “So each week, there will be a photo from CCM’s past on our social media to celebrate the 50th anniversary. That way it’s always on people’s minds.”

Event ideas aren’t permanent once they are proposed. Throughout this process, many ideas got thrown out or changed, Ognibene said.

“When you’re in a committee, sometimes you have these ideas, and they get remodeled,” she said. “For example, we had a completely different logo and that changed . . . You can have the most amazing ideas, but write them down and save them for later. Don’t marry your ideas.”