Editorial: Get published

If you always wanted to get published and never had the time until now, there are plenty of online opportunities with the Youngtown Edition. Students of all majors are welcome to get involved, and professors, faculty, staff and CCM community members can as well. Here’s how you can get involved with us:

All submissions must be sent to youngtownedition@gmail.com. Not all submissions may be published and all submissions may be edited.

  1. Take part in an interview

Student journalists are looking for students, professors, faculty, staff and administrative members to interview for their articles. By participating, you answer a set of questions from a student journalist, where you get to answer and provide your opinions. Your statements can be published in an article about the Coronavirus, online classes, cancelled events, community news and more. If you are interested in taking part in an interview, either through email or over the phone, please contact youngtownedition@gmail.com.

  1. Write a Letter to the Editor

As always, the Youngtown accepts Letters to the Editor, which allows everyone at CCM to write to the newspaper. You may have read an article that was interesting and that you want to reflect on, or perhaps you have an opinion about an article, or an event, or even just current happenings and want to share it. Maybe you want to write about your experience transitioning online, or how you have more time than you expected and don’t know what to do with it because of the quarantine. Send your letter signed with your full name to our email.

  1. Draw a cartoon or comic

If you are an art major or just really like to draw, consider creating and drawing your own cartoon and comics. Design your own characters and storyline. Any medium, including hand drawn and digital drawn, are acceptable. Cartoons can either be in black or white or color. Be creative and have fun with it. Be sure to scan in and send your cartoon as either a JPEG, PNG or PDF to youngtownedition@gmail.com.

  1. Participate in Roving Reporter 

Usually, student journalists and photographers search the halls of CCM looking for people to participate in Roving Reporter. This almost always requires providing a name, major, answer to a question and a photo. However, with the CCM campus being closed, the photo requirement has been lifted. If you have ever wanted to participate in Roving Reporter, but didn’t want your photo taken, now is your chance. Follow @youngtownccm on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to participate in biweekly online Roving Reporter questions. Just send a direct message with your first and last name, major and answer to the question.

  1. Create a puzzle

If you ever wanted to design your own word search, crossword puzzle, maze, riddle or any other type of puzzle, now is your chance. Create your own puzzle, design a theme for it if you so choose, and be creative. Also, be sure to include a copy of the answers to your puzzle. Please scan in and send your puzzle as a PDF or PNG to our email.

  1. Share a recipe

If you enjoy cooking and baking, share a recipe for others to try at home. Either create your own recipe, share a family recipe, or provide a favorite recipe. If your recipe is not your own, please include what website or book you found it in. Please send your recipe typed out in either a word document or just in the email. Also, take some photos of what you made and send as JPEGs. Send everything to youngtownedition@gmail.com.

  1. Offer recommendations

If you have any recommendations on TV shows to watch, movies to stream, video games to play, apps to download, Youtubers to follow, music to listen to and more, write a recommendation of things you enjoy for others to check out. Send your recommendations to our email.

  1. Write an article

 Perhaps you have always wanted to write an article for the Youngtown. Write about any topic of your choice, and make it at least 200 words. Please remember bylines will only not be given if the student is a member of a club or organization mentioned in his or her own article. Send your article to youngtownedition@gmail.com by Sunday, April 5, to be considered for the next edition of the Youngtown.

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