Men’s soccer drops to 1-4 with loss to Brookdale

By Anthony Ingham


Titans fight for control of the ball after going down 0-2 in the first half. Photo by: Brett Friedensohn

Sports Editor

The men’s soccer team at County College of Morris suffered a 2-0 loss at the hands of Brookdale Community College on Thursday, Sept. 27 regional home game.

This put the Titans, at 3-6 wins in their current season, with a record of 1-4 in region play.

Since that game, they have registered a region win and a loss which have put their record, at presstime, of 2-4 in the region and 4-7 overall. This places the Titans in 13th out of 17 total National Junior College Athletic Association Region XIX Division III teams. Ending the regular season with a .500 record will automatically earn them a seed in the Region XIX championship tournament.

Against Brookdale, they were coming off a three-game losing streak, with two of the games being in Region XIX competition, by beating Ocean Community College Saturday, Sept. 22.

“We were coming into this game pretty hyped, especially cause we felt like we won our last game against Ocean pretty convincingly,” said captain Kevin Pratt. “Especially since it was a home game, so we wanted to show how good we can be.”

At presstime, Pratt has registered three goals and one assist, placing him in second place in goals among Titans players as Forward Mike Lauria has earned 5. With seven in the points column, he is tied with center Chris Rubio and trails only forward Mike Lauria who has recorded 10.

“We’re not done yet,” said Pratt. “We’ve had a rough start, and our current record might not show our success, but it’s coming. And we’re only halfway through the season, so there’s a lot to come.”

Brookdale broke through the Titans solid defense and scored two crucial goals within the first 15 minutes of the game. They held this lead until the end of the game with some impressive passes and great communication between both teams and some excellent saves by both goalies.

“It’s pretty calm after games like this,” said Mario Vieira, captain and center back.  “We just talk about our mistakes and try to make them better before the next game.”

Vierra said that the team’s current record didn’t demonstrate how good the team actually was.

“We made a lot of mistakes today, so no one is too happy with our performance as a whole,” said Vieira. “But we know what we did wrong, and we’ll play better next game.”

Gabe Lazarre, forward and captain, said that the season has been incredibly hectic and filled with unexpected detours.

“We’ve had our ups and downs; it’s been a rollercoaster,” he said. “We’ve had some tough games, we’ve had some crazy games, and I would definitely call this one of the tough ones … We have talent, we just gotta go get it.”

The men’s next home game will be a regional contest against Union County College at 3:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 15.

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