CCM’S advice column

By: Sophie Connell

So, Sophie,

I am a first year and I don’t know what to expect. Is it hard here? Is the workload too much to manage? I am nervous I am going to fail. Do you have any advice?

New and Nervous

Hi New and Nervous,

First let me say welcome to CCM. It is a great school and I’m happy to share some tips on ensuring success here. The first tip I have is to use a calendar in order to keep your assignments straight. I highly recommend using the one on your phone that way you can even set alerts to go off to remind you about assignments. Another tip is to use the resources on campus. For example, CCM has a lot of great places to study the library being just the start. As well as study areas, the school offers great tutoring services that are free. I hope these tips help and you enjoy CCM.



So, Sophie,

I can never find parking on campus and it seems like I always pick the furthest parking lot from where I need to be. Please help.


Lost in the lots

Dear Lost in the lots,

I actually had this same problem for my first few months here so I know how frustrating it can be! My best advice is to try and arrive early for your classes that way you have built in time to park. I have found that lot 7 is pretty much in the middle of everywhere you would need to go, so if you give yourself some extra time you will most likely be able to find a convenient spot
there. Hope this helps.

Happy parking,


So, Sophie,

I take all my classes in one day so I am on campus for quite a few hours. During this time I find myself really hungry and all I can seem to find is vending machines, is that all there is on campus? Please help my hunger.


Hungry and Hangry

Dear Hungry and Hangry,

Let the hanger end now because there are so many food options on campus. You have already discovered the vending machines if you ever need a quick snack, but there is much more. The LRC (learning resource center) offers Starbucks if you need a caffeine boost as well as sandwiches, salads and snacks! The best variety comes from the Cohen Café, you can create your own sandwiches, salads and wraps. If you are short on time you can choose from their “grab and go” section. Hope your hangry days are over.



So, Sophie,

I am new to CCM and am having a hard time meeting people and making friends. I don’t want to go on bored with no friends, can you please help me?


Friendly but friendless

Hi friendly but friendless,

Don’t stress, starting at a new school it is natural to worry about new friends! The good news is, I have some tips on how to get out there and meet new people. My best recommendation is to find a club you are interested in and join. There are over 50 clubs on campus and if something doesn’t interest you, you have the option to create your own club. There is also the opportunity to join sports teams if that interests you. I hope this advice helps you get out there and get involved.



If you are looking for any advice, please send questions to me at and look for your question in the next issue!

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