CCM women’s soccer picks up 19-0 blowout win

Titans open season 1-2 after defeating Manor College

By Anthony Ingham

9_26_Issue 170-1

CCM women’s soccer mid elder Samantha Corrales takes part in passing practice Wednesday, Sept. 19. Photo by Brett Friedensohn.

    The women’s soccer team at County College of Morris bounced back from losing its first two matches with a 19-0 blowout against Manor College Saturday, Sept. 15, setting their record to 0-1 in the region and 1-2 overall at presstime.

The Titans lost their season opener Saturday, Sept. 1 to Harcum College 1-0 before dropping their next match to Bucks County Community College 7-3 Thursday, Sept. 13.

Midfielder Samantha Corrales, who led the National Junior College Athletic Association Region XIX Division I in goals with 17, returned this year as a captain.

“So we ended up at halftime being up 8-0, but the game was still not being played very well by us.”

Vincent Catizone Women’s soccer head coach

“It’s been a little tough, cause we started off this semester with nine players, but we’ve slowly been able to accrue more and more teammates over these last few weeks,” Corrales said. “With nine players, the team couldn’t even scrimmage between themselves, as a 5-v-5 is the smallest the team could do so and be competitive. On the field, at least 11 players are required to have a full team, so they couldn’t even play against other teams.”

At press time, Corrales led her team in the goals and points columns with eight and 20 respectively.

“Having nine players definitely made us very negative, cause we didn’t think we were going to have a season, so we had our heads down,” she said. “After getting a few more players, we just brought our heads back up.”

All this changed on Sept. 15 at home against Manor College. After the team’s earlier struggles with mentality and how many were on the roster, the group came into this game and dominated Manor in a 19-0 stomp, setting their season’s goal differential to 14 as goalkeeper Kelisha Chambers has been scored on eight times. The team has since recruited four players.

9_26_Issue 300

CCM women’s soccer goalkeeper Kelisha Chambers makes a save during practice Wednesday, Sept. 19. Photo by: Brett Friedensohn

“We actually started off really slow,” said head coach Vincent Catizone. “So we ended up at halftime being up 8-0, but the game still was not being played very well by us, so we had 20 minutes of good soccer to turn that around, and our girls definitely woke up and went on a scoring fury and scored 11 goals.”

Every player scored at least one goal, according to Catizone.

“Our confidence has really changed since the beginning of the season,” Corrales said. “In ourselves, in our players, everything’s changed since now we actually believe that we’re going to have a season.”

Midfielder Caitlyn Komatsu, another second-year captain, has scored two goals and earned one assist.

“Everyone who is here wants to be here, and we all get along,” she said. “There’s no cliques, and we’re always together, and we all get along, on and off the field.”

Komatsu also said that her coaches have pushed the players to achieve at their highest potential.

“It’s amazing,” she said. “I love the coaches, they drive us to do our best every game, and I love my teammates as they put everything they have out on the field. Just being with everyone playing the sport I love is honestly the best feeling in the entire world.”

Students can see CCM women’s soccer’s next home game at 12 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 29.


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