Students cope with final exam stress

By Gina N. Fico
Features Editor

With final exams looming in the last few weeks of the spring semester, students at County College of Morris are working to figure the best ways for them to study and cope with stress.

Alexandra Meza, a challenger student, taking classes at CCM while still attending high school, said she is definitely stressed over finals but is not driving herself crazy. She added that pacing herself properly, studying the correct amount of time  and also not procrastinating will help. Meza said  the main difference between the high school and college experiences are that college is more up to the students while in high school one will get “reprimanded” for not doing homework.

“I think they are both equally both stressful maybe college is a little bit more stressful,” Meza said.

Tom Tuosto, a business administration major and challenger student says he does not feel too stressed about final exams. He said during the week of finals he studies with friends and that studying in groups helps if students have any questions about the material and added he also looks over his notes to prepare. He said in high school students can “get away” with putting in only a little time but said in college students need to know the material “in and out.” However, he explained that he is happy he chose to do the challenger program because of the freedom with scheduling.

“I basically got to pick my whole schedule for my senior year,” Tuosto said. “On days my friends had classes, I was out doing what I wanted or hanging out at home it was so nice to take a break.”

Sarah Grider, another challenger student, said she wishes she would have had a senior year but likes she that she got to see how the college process works through the challenger program.

“I definitely know that it’s going to help me understand how to the whole college process works,” Grider said. She explained that a lot of people she talks to about college feel “lost.”

She said she didn’t have finals in high school so there’s more pressure to do well now. She said she is a little worried about finals and the information on the finals but said going through the textbook will help.

Lydia Hier, a liberal arts major said she is feeling really stressed out about her biology final exam.

“Biology is the main one I am stressed about,” Hier said.

She said that there is a lot of content for biology and although she said she understands the material she still feels worried about remembering and knowing everything she needs to know. She explained she has been going to her professor for help, studying the book, and seeing an outside tutor. Hier explained the biggest change is not having review sheets like she did in high school and wishes that high school made her more independent to take an exam.

CCM student Jessica Haines said final exams are always stressful and that it’s a “group stress” because everyone has exams at the same time.

“They are always stressful because you never know how it’s going to go until you take the exams and see your grade,” said Haines. She said she cuddles with her dogs as a way to relieve stress during final exam time and that her advice to students struggling with stress with final exams would be to find balance. She explained that finding balance between “calming yourself down and getting stuff done” will help. She added that students will not learn much if they study while they are stressed.

Matt Menagh, a criminal justice major, said he has a lot of studying to do but feels prepared from his professors. He said that taking breaks to relax and time management helps with the studying process.

“I was at a four-year school before this so I just transferred in,” Menagh said.

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