Students to display creations at CCM fashion show

By Gina N. Fico
Features Editor

The Fashion Club at County College of Morris will hold its spring fashion show at 7 p.m. Thursday, May 3 when fashion design students will showcase designs.


Stevenson’s work in progress designs. Photo By: Heather Stevenson

Anyone who wants to volunteer can model, according to the President of the Fashion Club and fashion design major Dot Lare.

Lare said CCM has been doing fashion shows for the last decade and are run in coordination with  the fashion club and the design department. She said as president the impact she made with fashion is leadership and which brings more student involvement to the club. Lare said her hope for the fashion show is to bring out the newest set of trends.

“My hope for the outcome of the fashion show is to bring unique trends and to bring people’s social creativity out into trends,” Lare in an email.

Gina Mellen, vice president of the fashion club, said she enjoys planning the fashion show with her friend Lare. She said although there’s a lot of responsibility when everything comes together, it’s exciting.

She added that the club does fundraising  in order to  get the equipment and necessities they need for the “perfect show.” She said these fashion shows are a good opportunity to bring students together and see the designer’s work on the runway.

Mellen said she has had a growing passion for the fashion industry through her time at CCM and said this is her last show so she wants to it to be “the best yet.”

“My passion has truly extended throughout these two years at CCM,” said Mellen, a fashion design major at CCM. “I went out of my comfort zone, throughout the box, and had friendships that helped me love what I am doing even more. Fashion can express the way one person is without having to speak.”

Heather Stevenson, a fashion merchandising major, said her role is “to participate” and that she is new to the club but delighted to be a part of it.

Stevenson said she does not want to reveal too much about the designs she has been working on. She said the theme for the fashion show this year is “evolution”. However, Stevenson did say the ideas for aesthetics that she has thought about. She said she was originally thinking about dark themed designs that symbolize the dangers of obsessive thoughts and that she will be working on more “whimsical” designs instead.  She said she will be using a lot of pastels and it theme drawn from childhood.

“I’ve got all my fabric together in one corner of my room right now, and it really does look like circus crashed into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory,” Stevenson said in an email.

Stevenson said she is very excited to be part of the Fashion Club and the Fashion Show.

“I really like having this as an outlet to create an idea and a platform to share it. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to be in college, I could rant for days how college is a luxury, and it is almost a fluke that I even made it here, I really feel like the luckiest person alive,” said Stevenson in an email.

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