Clubs collect, connect with recruits at Welcome Back Bash


Left: Youngtown Edition Editor-in-Chief Brett Friedenson, as the News Knight, poses with the CCM Titan at the Welcome Back Bash Jan. 30. Above: LGBT club member Matthew J. Bristol
recruits students at their table draped with a pride flag. PHOTOS BY JARED DANQUAH

By Gina N. Fico
Features Editor

At the Student Activities Programming Board’s semiannual Welcome Back Bash Tuesday, Jan. 30, members of the campus community gathered at County College of Morris to browse clubs’ recruitment stations.

A cartoonist drew students’ caricatures, and the SAPB provided free pizza and played music throughout the event.

Don Phelps, associate director of campus life said that CCM has been doing something like this since the college started.

Phelps said there are 56 active CCM clubs and that 35 or 40 represented themselves at the Welcome Back Bash.

“It’s one of the main recruitment events for a lot of clubs,” Phelps said. “It gives a change for everyone to come together and be together for the afternoon and take a little break from studying … And most importantly, it gives students who aren’t engaged with the college engaged.”

Women in STEM’s main goal was to get more women involved with science, technology, engineering, and math.

WBB 073

Respiratory therapy majors don scrubs as they welcome students to their table at the Welcome Back Bash Jan. 30.  PHOTO BY ALEXA WYSZKOWSKI

Kat David, a mechanical engineering and technology major said breaking the stigma is what motivates her.

“It was mainly because I was born in the Philippines, and we come from a very conservative environment where women should be in more caring positions and men should be in more technical fields,” David said.

Desiree Ramos, an architecture major, said she has had an interest in  computer since an early age and wants to get more women involved in STEM.

WBB 090

Gourmet club president Ted Sharretts right gives out hot chocolate with public relations officer Kamil Grochowski at the Welcome Back Bash Jan. 30. PHOTO BY ALEXA WYSZKOWSKI

“I just feel more women should be in STEM, and you think guys should be in it, but there’s a lot more women that are into it that are afraid to open up to it,” Ramos said.

Stephanie Hrinko, a liberal arts major and secretary of Active Minds, said she wants to bring awareness to suicide and eating disorders.

“We talk about things that people do not like to talk about,” said Hrinko. She said her hope for the Welcome Back Bash is to give hope to someone else and it benefit someone else, even if they do not sign up for the club.

The Student Nurses Association, whose mission is to give insight to the CCM community that nursing goes above and beyond a nursing major, has upcoming events such as the Valentine’s Day blood drive and bake sale that is coming up Wednesday, Feb. 14.


Saskia Salas, a nursing major and vice president of the club, said there usually is a shortage of blood nationally, so this event is important because of how many lives a donation can save.

“I want more people to be aware of this club; this club is not out there like other clubs,” Salas said.

The president of the club, Jacquelyn Gagne, said she gains from the club experiences such as the trip during the spring 2017 semester to  an economically disadvantaged area of West Virginia.

“We are grateful for everyone who is helping building this club, and we hope to get more people involved,” Gagne said.

Melissa Hamfeldt, a radiography major, said she is happy CCM has Welcome Back Bashes and it is a nice way to meet people and make new friends.

“Everybody has been very friendly and telling you everything you need to know about the clubs,” Hamfelt said.

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