Students show business, marketing skills

By Gina N. Fico
Features Editor

County College of Morris’ business department held a marketing showcase Thursday, Dec. 7 to allow students to come up with new ideas to improve existing products at County College of Morris and use their marketing skills in real life situations.

In this event, five groups of Principles of Marketing I students competed to reach different goals for the CCM community.

Tyler Cobb, a business administration major, said working on this project helped him to work in a group and talking  in front of people; his group’s goal was to change the location of the tutoring center, currently downstairs in DeMare Hall.

“I think our biggest pitch is moving the tutoring center from where it’s hidden now to the corner to the library,” Cobb said.

Some of the other group’s goals included improving enrollment, the planetarium, and CCM Direct, a program which allows adult students to earn a degree in two years taking three classes per semester for less than $1,500 a semester.

Students displayed a variety of technological ideas, came up with ways to work with the image to promote their projects, and used statistics to show how their goals can work.

Sarah Vojta, a business administration major and Cobb’s team member, said she was both nervous and excited about presenting her group’s idea at the marketing seminar. However, she said no matter the outcome of the results, she said her group’s idea was going to work, and CCM will have a better Tutoring Center.

“I think our group did very well so we have a good chance today,” Vojta said before presenting.

She said that another goal of her group was to make students feel less intimidated when needing to use the tutoring services and that her group wanted to lessen the stigma so more people ask for help. She said she wants to make the tutoring center more enjoyable.

Maureen Sutton, chairperson of the business department and associate professor of business said this was the first time that CCM held a marketing seminar.

Sutton  thought it would be good for the business students to be taught marketing.

Sutton said the business students had a practical experience while working with an existing product and that they had to talk to CCM employees, see a show at the planetarium, and view a survey from the Tutoring Center.

The marketing showcase had judges that viewed all the presentations and added up scores at the end of the event. They judged the students on a variety of aspects of their presentations. The results  for the best content was CCM Direct, and the Tutoring Center group won first overall and organization delivery.

Sutton said she was proud of the students that presented their ideas.

“I just think they did an outstanding job,” Sutton said. “It wasn’t just me who said that; it was the others who attended the session.”

CCM will hold another marketing seminar in the fall 2018 semester, according to Sutton.

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