Students struggle with work, school balance

By Tyler Barth
Staff Writer

Many County College of Morris students are struggling to find enough hours in the day to commute, attend classes and keep up with work both on and off campus.

Between the long distances some students have to travel to attend CCM and the lengthy hours of work, it can be a challenge for some students to find the time to do classwork.

Some students do not possess the financial stability required to attend CCM without a job. Cynthia Jaramillo, a business administration major, is used to long nights comprised of finishing schoolwork after a long shift.  She explained that she often went multi-day stints of no sleep between holding three jobs and living on her own,.

“I think it’s just like the ideal of, like, failure not being an option. You just, kind of like, make it happen,” Jaramillo said. “It would be ideal if I could just dedicate myself to school, and, I’d probably be number one in the college.”

Evelyn Collins, a liberal arts major who has been bartending for approximately five years, said  she worked so many hours in the first half of one semester that her supervisor granted her the second half of the semester off upon her request.

“Especially when you bartend, I mean, it makes it easy because you can just have all your classes during the morning and daytime, and then you bartend at night, but then you have no time to get your work done,” Collins said. “Time management is the big thing … You have to plan out when you’re going to do everything, and if you have a project, you don’t have the luxury of leaving it to the last second.”

On the other hand, nursing major Andrew Carlson said he finds not working during the semester advantageous. Carlson said that he has a summer job but does not work when school is in session.

“I’d rather graduate with a little bit of debt, maybe that’s not the only reason, than not graduate and have a part-time job,” Carlson said. “I find it very helpful to have the time to study. When my [working classmates] are trying to do the same homework that I’m doing, they’re like, ‘Yo, I’m swamped with work.’”

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