Students celebrate fall festivities at Art Club fundraiser

Pumpkin painting, mask making event table held in the Student Community Center

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By Arianna Parks
Photo Editor

The Art Club at County College of Morris raised money for the art department’s Metropolitan Museum of Art trip fund by inviting students to paint masks and pumpkins in the Student Community Center Thursday, Oct. 26.

Angela Caristi, an 18-year-old biology major at CCM, said that she found the event to be a de-stressing and artistic escape while juggling the taxing academic responsibilities of her first year.

“They [club members] came over and asked us, invited us,” Carista said. “That’s what prompted us to come over. It was inviting and seemed friendly.”

The table offered a range of canvases from plastic skulls to real pumpkins. To create with an assortment of feathers and jewels cost $5, and to purchase a premade piece cost $10. Art Club President Tori Przetak, Vice President Mike Champagne, and other club members were present and promoting the event to raise money for their group and the art department.

“Our forte is fundraisers,” said Champagne, a 20-year-old fine arts major. “We raise money for art supplies, trips to the Met, and other things the department needs.”

Megan Frehill, a 18-year-old nursing major at CCM fondly recalled her autumnal family traditions while painting a plastic pumpkin in sky blue.

“Me and my parents watch a lot of Halloween movies,” Frehill said. “Once the first day of October hits, we try to watch a bunch of movies to get us in the mood.”

Whether escaping the stresses of class and academic pressures or hoping to meet new friends and have an outlet for artistic expression, CCM students gathered around the Art Club’s craft table and brought their creative visions to life through grainy, wooden brushes and sparkling gems.

Kiandra Hill, a 19-year-old art education major, looked back on pumpkin carving competitions with her siblings as she created a dusky landscape on her plastic pumpkin.

“I am one of nine siblings … We did a lot of pumpkin picking, we would always try and get the biggest one.” Hill said, chuckling. “Whoever lost had to wear the pumpkin for the rest of the day.”

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