CCM holds fair to help students earn employment

By Gina N. Fico


County College of Morris hosted a job fair Thursday, Oct. 12 to give students the chance to connect with potential employers on a more personal level.

Denise Schmidt, director of career services and cooperative education, said CCM has been holding job fairs for about 30 years and that they are held once in the fall semester and spring semesters . She said this event brings about 70 employers to help students get started on their career path that are related to their major.

“We really do try to spread it around so every major has something here of interest,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt said the job fair can also be used for students who are seeking a job that is more understanding and flexible with their school schedule or a student who needs a second job.

“Our students come to an event like this for a number of reasons,” Schmidt said. “Some already work and maybe their employers aren’t understanding about there being a student and needing to adjust schedules and test times and so on, so we encourage students to come here for that reason.”

The job fair had a variety of establishments seeking to fulfill both full-time and part-time positions. Some of the establishments included clothing stores, grocery stores, restaurants, landscaping companies, health care services and facilities, police departments, and branches of the military. Among these establishments were Aflac, Forever 21, Hyatt Regency Morristown, Jersey Mike’s Subs, the New Jersey State Police, and Prudent Publishing.

Essence Johnson, a broadcasting major at CCM and one of the volunteers at the job fair said she was here to help out but also she is seeking a job and that she did not have a particular position in mind but was going to look around and see what kind of jobs were available. She also said this event is a better way for students to find a job.

“They actually get to talk to the employers and see what the qualifications are,” said Johnson.

Ryan Harris, a landscape design major, said he was looking forward to being able to communicate with Jacobsen Landscape Design about a job related to his major. He said he was able to get a lot of useful information about the job from the representative and also ask personal questions.  

Maria Blacio is currently at CCM in the English as a second language program but plans on majoring in marketing sales or international studies. However, she said she was at the job fair looking for administrative jobs or jobs that can help the elderly.

She said she is satisfied with what she is learning for ESL at CCM and is also looking forward to improving her English at a job and that it is important for her to know English for jobs and practicing everyday helps.

“The jobs help you improve your English; you learn every day more words and expressions here,” Blacio said.

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