Religious, ethnic clubs recruit new student members


Muslim Student Association members recruit new members at the Welcome Back Bash. Photo By: Alexa Wyszkowski.

By Katie Coyne
Entertainment Editor

Country College of Morris has a vast array of cultural clubs to choose from, and most represented themselves Thursday, Sept. 21 at the Welcome Back Bash held on campus.

Music and the rich smells of ethnic cuisines emanated through the air.

Pertaining to culture and religion, there are a wide variety of clubs to choose from at the campus. These clubs include the Campus Christian Fellowship, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, Muslim Student Association, United Latino Organization, Asian Student Association, Diversity Organization, Jewish Student Association, and Black Student Union.

By joining each or any club, students are welcome to learn about different cultures, customs, and traditions of each native heritage.

The Asian Student Association is planning an upcoming cooking event to show students how to cook Asian cuisine, such as sushi right, at home. The Muslim Student Association had different types of food they were serving at the bash, such as baklava and halal.

Halal, a Muslim way of cooking, translates into English, as “lawful or permissible.”  Baklava is a dessert containing chopped nuts and honey baked within a pastry.

“We eat Kosher, too, said  said Saba Gatabi, the vice president of the Muslim Student Association and nursing major at CCM. “It’s the same thing; we have it in a different way … We have religion, and we have culture. So in culture, there’s different kinds of food and different people. In culture, there are different kinds of religions, too.”

A majority of different religions follow the same principle, which is belief in a sole God.

“Basically all religions are the same, like different ways of following them, different ways of doing things,” Gatabi said.

The Orthodox Christian Fellowship is based on the Roman Catholic religion which is also monotheistic. Any and all students who worship within the Christian faith are welcome to join.

“We discuss Orthodox Christian rules amongst ourselves basically,” said Simeon Brasowski, a member of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship and a business administration major at CCM. “We’re open to inviting any and all other denomination of Christian or whatnot and basically to discuss today’s issues with teens and problems that we go through to try to relate to our lives and to Christian beliefs, basically.”

Culture clubs are also about having fun and introducing different games to students from different countries.

The United Latino Organization plans events such as bingo and gymkhana, games that are played a lot in their native regions of Latin America.     Gymkhana translates into English as a “scavenger hunt.”

“Bingo games are something that is really popular in our countries,” said Sebastian Oroteo, a biology major at CCM. “It’s just like a challenge, and they make rules and they just start doing like a step by step challenge … Our club creates events to make people understand how Latin American culture works, like what we do and how we live, and how our culture works.”

The Welcome Back Bash attracted many students and each cultural club was looking to attract new members.  Any students who are interested in joining a club may access more information on the CCM website.

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