Student’s spring towards summer with sun-soaking, extra studying

erin-summer story

Communication major Alison Dolan and digital design major Loni Fiscus wait for their summer calculus class. Photo by: Jannat Sheikh

By: Erin Post

When the spring semester officially ended at County College of Morris, students began their ritual of preparation for the warm summer months.

Many students rejoiced at the ability to relax in the warm weather, but for others, the beginning of summer break marked the dawning of extra classes to quicken the graduation process and the start of internships to jump-start their careers.

For some students, their chosen majors does not  give them a chance to relax during the break.

“Since I am a chemistry major, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a vacation for me in the summer,”  said CCM student Michelle Gostling. “I have an internship, two jobs, and I am also taking two online classes to make sure I can graduate on time.”

On the other hand, there are students who are ready to spend their summer days at the beach.

Michael Piccone, a liberal arts major, cannot wait to spend his summer in the sun.

“My family has a beach house on Long Beach Island,” Piccone said.  “So, I will most likely spend my summer there with them. I might get a part-time job while I’m there, but my main goal is to just chill and hang out with no stress. This semester sucked for me, so I just want to hang for a bit.”

Some students get to have the best of both worlds, which are work and a vacation. Rachael Stinsburg, a hospitality management major, said she gets to work and vacate this summer.
“I like where I work so much that I don’t mind being there every day in the summer,” Stinsburg said. “I work at a hotel chain, so I also get paid vacation too, and that’s a bonus. I’ll be taking a trip to Hawaii with my family as soon as the semester is over.”

The summer course schedule can be found at


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