Collegiate cravings for students on the go


After multiple engagements with the snooze button, a rushed shower, and possibly an existential crisis or two, it’s a rush to get in a car with enough time to find parking on campus at County College of Morris much less sneak in a feeding.

Once in the car, there is the chance to calm down, only to be interrupted by a cacophony of gurgles from one’s stomach.

While sometimes it feels like there aren’t possibly enough minutes in the morning to squeeze in a filling breakfast amongst everything else going on, CCM students are professionals at this balancing act.

Jack Rebucci, a business administration major at CCM, gets up early in order to make eggs for a breakfast full of protein. This is a great way to kick off a school day and ensure he will have enough energy for whatever comes his way.

But not all students are morning people.

Ross DeBlock, a biology major at CCM, who occasionally consumes just a spoonful of peanut butter on his way to school if he does not wake up in time for breakfast. It provides a punch of protein, just like the eggs yet takes a fraction of the time.

“I usually eat trail mix in the morning”, said Kim Platt a criminal justice major at CCM. Trail mix is yet another car snack choc-full of protein.

Non-traditional breakfasts come in all shapes and sizes. While waffles may not seem like the ideal breakfast to eat in the car, Simon Picciuti, a criminal justice major at CCM, manages to scarf them down while on his way to school.

Sometimes a sugar rush is what students are looking for to push them through their morning classes. Dan McCartney, a chemistry major at CCM, makes sure to leave enough time in his mornings to enjoy a Toaster Strudel.

Sugar is also a factor Freddy Smith, a business administration major, looks for in his breakfast. “I go with pretzel M&M’s, those things are really good,” he said about his on-the-go snack.

Hannah Martinez, a nursing major at CCM, takes that sweetness to the dark side “Dark chocolate is my car snack,” said Hannah. Dark chocolate has many reported health benefits, and sounds like a pretty luxurious way to kick off the day.

“I stop at like the Panera drive through, or like the Starbucks on route 10.” Communication major, Gabby Sapienza relies on the raw power of caffeine to get through the morning. “I usually don’t eat, eat at places like that, I usually just get a coffee or something like that.”

Commuter breakfast is a trial-and-error program, but there is no right or wrong answer. Whether it’s a carefully eaten waffle or some dessert for breakfast, the most important meal of the day looks different from car to car.


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