PTK establishes goals, searches for successors


The approaching end of the spring semester has sent Phi Theta Kappa, the two-year college honor society, into a frenzy of activity as they fine-tune their goals and begin looking for officers for the fall.

Michael Gosden, president of the Alpha Kappa Kappa chapter of PTK, said that PTK has general goals set up by the national organization, but the CCM team created chapter-specific goals they want to achieve in 2017.

“We wanted to destigmatize what community college is,” Gosden said. “There is a huge misbelief and notion that community college is essentially the 13th grade and that it’s not taken seriously, which is not true at all. It is a wonderful milestone and a great place to start an education.”

To execute this goal, Gosden said that PTK has plans to travel to high schools around the area to discuss the benefits of attending CCM.

“We don’t fabricate the truth,” Gosden said. “We want to give them accurate information, and from there they can make a conscious decision.”

Gosden said another goal set out by PTK to achieve in 2017 is the idea of cultural unity.

“People shouldn’t necessarily divide themselves over certain ideas or beliefs, but rather we should come to expand upon them,” Gosden said. “At least come to a point of respect and understanding.”

The club has worked in the past to achieve this goal by holding Unity Day, an event that allows students to learn about other cultures. This semester’s event was April 4, and saw a large turnout in the Davidson Rooms in the Student Community Center.

“Unity Day is a great way to learn about cultures and discover new ones,” said Isabella Paz, a member of PTK. “It’s about not judging other cultures and cultural acceptance.”

Unity Day is not the only perk to joining PTK.

“There’s a lot of opportunities,” Paz said. “It looks good on the resume and you get scholarship money.”

Michelle Mardis, vice president of scholarship, said that the club is currently looking for a new officer team for fall of 2017.

“As of right now, we’re just looking for people to kind of take over our positions,” Mardis said. “We’re going to be doing interviews soon.”

Anyone interested in PTK can contact, or attend a meeting on Tuesday or Thursday during college hour in DH208.

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