Muslim Student Association embraces technology at second meeting


The Muslim Student Association continued its strong presence on campus at its second meeting.

Jannat Sheikh and Aaron Bosloper, president and vice president of the MSA, hosted their second club meeting on March 9 at 12:30 p.m.

Unlike the initiation meeting back in February, there was a huge turnout totaling approximately 14 new student members; the majority actively practicing the Islam religion, others merely attending to educate themselves and learn more about Islam and the Islam religion as a whole.

“I am really happy with the turnout,” Sheikh said. “A lot of people gathered together and spoke about Islam and answered questions about Islam. I feel this is going to be really successful in the CCM community because we are spreading knowledge through the MSA.”

Group members discussed a myriad of topics over pizza and soda including the misconceptions surrounding Islam, the differences between Christianity and Islam, and the various apps that iPhone users can download to learn more about the religion.

“The apps including Noble Quran, Muslim Pro, and Quran Pro are good because they give you different translations from English to Arabic with a teleprompter and Arabic pronunciations,” said Sam Abdella, computer science and information security major and fellow CCM student.

Whether eager to learn about the Islamic culture or striving to speak out about the misconceptions, fellow CCM students are coming together at weekly MSA meetings to discuss a variety of areas surrounding the culture and religion.

Looking ahead, the MSA will continue to host Thursday club meetings in Cohen Hall and plan for upcoming events including the Muslim Awareness Week aimed to educate the CCM student body.


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