Students seek advice, find advisers

By Erin Post


Registration for the fall semester is coming, and it’s important not to be left in the dust.

“It’s so frustrating sometimes not being able to get into classes right away and then watching them fill up,” said Nicole Riley, a communication major at County College of Morris. “That’s the absolute worst.”

Riley said she is annoyed by one facet in particular which CCM utilizes in its registration – advisement.

“I know what I need to take,” Riley said. “I don’t understand why there’s a huge drawn out process to making things happen. I just want to get into my classes.”

Students need to meet with their advisers prior to registering for classes. The college built advisement week with that in mind, so that there are a surplus of advisers available before registration begins. Advisement week for fall scheduling at CCM is the week of March 27. Fall scheduling begins on April 3 for returning CCM students.

During advisement week, students may show up for advisement without an appointment and the meeting may be relatively short. But they are not guaranteed a meeting with their assigned adviser.

Meeting regularly with one assigned adviser allows students to build a relationship with that faculty member.

Emma Sutcliffe, a biology major at CCM, said that advisement is very reassuring to her.

“I’ve always been super lost when it comes to registering for classes. I never know what to take or when,” Sutcliffe said. “If it wasn’t for my adviser or meeting with her, I don’t think I would even have a schedule right now.”

Students who do not know their assigned adviser can find out from their department chair, or from the office of records and registration in the Student Community Center.

Meetings with advisers are not only helpful during registration for classes.

“I see (my adviser) like once every two weeks,” said Ryan Michaels, a liberal arts major at CCM. “So for me, advisement is like an ongoing thing. He helps me deal with not only the stress of registering, but also the stress of the classes throughout the semester. I would say he helps to keep me on track with school. It sounds kind of lame, but I want to maintain my GPA for transferring.”

Academic advisement week is March 27 through 31 at CCM. Students should contact their advisers to set up an appointment. The registrar or department chairs can answer any questions.


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