Marines talk music with CCM choir members


A visit from the United States Marine Corps was repaid by a vocal performance from the County College of Morris Chamber Choir Thursday, Feb. 24.

The students shared their vocal talents with the Marines, and in turn the Marines presented them with options of career opportunities for their musical talents. The Marines also provided the students with other avenues to explore, such as instrument repair.

Michael Groschadl, an electronic music major and member of the Chamber Choir, said that the choir performed a piece that they were working on called “Connected.”

“We wanted to give them a piece back,” Groschadl said. He said that the presentation gave him information about possible careers that he didn’t even know existed.“It opened my eyes for some of my friends that may be interested in something like that.”

Ryan Taesler, a liberal arts music major, has been in the choir for two semesters and has seen the Marine Corps Band perform at the Drum Corps International shows.

“It was something I’ve been seriously considering,” Teasler said. “I really like all that they have to offer in their music program, it’s really extensive.”

Staff Sergeant Mykel Stanley conducted the presentation, along with Staff Sergeant Kieran Grogan, both Marine Recruiters out of Rockaway. Stanley said that the choir sounded awesome.

“It was like being immersed in a Pitch Perfect,” he said. “Everything was a cappella.”

The Marine Corps Band was established on July 8, 1798. Training for the band is extensive; as a musician for the band, a Marine learns four years’ worth of musical knowledge in the timespan of six months.

College tuition is 100 percent covered in the program and musicians perform over 350 times a year; they are never required to set foot in combat. In addition, students in the Marine Corps Band receive college credits after participating, so, if they are striving for a musical degree, this makes it beneficial for their college career.

There are different sections in the band as well, which are open to musicians, such as the choir.

“To make entry into the program itself you have to play in instrument,” said Stanley.  “You can be in the pit orchestra, you can be in the marching band, and you can be in the choir.”

The Chamber Choir meets every Monday and Thursday from 11:00-12:15p.m. in the Music Hall in the Edward J. Yaw Music Technology Building.


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