CCM provides nationally accredited education

Managing Editor

Students at County College of Morris can rest easy knowing that they are receiving one of the best educations in the state among community colleges.

On March 7 ranked CCM a top New Jersey Community College. The qualifications for this honor included data such as student completion rates, enrollment trends, and tuition.

Some factors include that CCM graduates are among the top 25 nationwide regarding community college alumni who earn the highest salaries. CCM also has one of the highest transfer and graduation rates of the community colleges in New Jersey.

“The best thing is that it’s a validation of what we provide which is quality service to the community, on and off campus,” said Dr. Kevin Chen, Testing Center supervisor. “For instance, the College Level Exam Program is a nationally known test that our center provides. If they have the option to go to a certified center or not, of course the student is going to choose the certified center.”

The National College Testing Association, awarded CCM’s Testing Center with Test Center Certification for serving as a nationwide leader in testing practices. The testing center at CCM is only one of two NCTA certified postsecondary testing centers in New Jersey.

CCM offers 50 associate degree and certificate programs, including honors courses which provide students with an academic edge to prepare them for transitioning to a four-year school or any next steps toward their chosen career path.

Graduates have transferred to over 200 colleges and universities across America, including Ivy leagues, like Brown, Cornell, and Yale.

CCM offers more than 125 transfer agreements with other institutions, which enables a student to get a bachelor’s degree at CCM, through any of the four-year schools that CCM is partnered with. This allows CCM students more flexibility than other community college students, and that pays off.

Since 1971, CCM has conducted annual surveys of its graduates, one year after graduation. In its most recent survey from the Class of 2015, 99 percent rated their CCM experience as good to excellent.

“The most important thing about the survey that distinguishes us is that we wait a year after the colleges are out, rather than exit surveys where they answer questions on their graduation day,” said Denise Schmidt, director of Career Services and Cooperative Education. “By holding to that standard of waiting, we get real information as opposed to hopeful wishes.”

Among the benefits granted by the facilities, the location of CCM gives it another leg up. According to a study released in February of 2017 by Student Loan Hero, community colleges in New Jersey save students who go on to earn a bachelor’s degree the most tuition in the United States.


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