Ambassadors Club the ‘face’ of CCM


When outsiders come to County College of Morris, whether as an attendee at a college event or as a prospective student touring the school, the first people they meet are the Ambassadors.

As their name implies, they are tasked with forging deeper connections in the campus community.

The Ambassadors Club is the premiere club on campus that represents CCM to the outside community, said Walter Yurcik, vice president of the Ambassadors Club and Computer Information Systems major at CCM.

The club allows students to help out with any special events for which CCM needs volunteers. This includes events like the school musicals, plays and the scholarship gala.

“I heard about (Ambassadors) when I went to student orientation, and again at the Welcome Back Bash in the fall semester,” said Hope Motzenbecker, communication major at CCM. “I was interested in joining because I thought it would be a good way to get involved on campus, and make friends as well as a good way to practice leadership skills, for example when giving tours.”

The Ambassadors Club is usually approached by the school to volunteer, and they take that trust seriously.

“When anyone needs help they reach out to us to try and get members to stand around, show people where to go, and talk about the school,” said president of Ambassadors Club, Mark Lalo. “They are really there to put on a good face and give people a good first impression of the school.”

Lalo said he believes that Ambassadors have an important job because people want to know the atmosphere of the school, which is made up mostly by the students. Being that the club and tours are run by students, sometimes Ambassadors are the first real interaction students have with CCM students.

While getting ready for his graduation in May, Yurcik is currently in the process of training Lalo and sharing his knowledge about the club so that Lalo is able to continue running the club. Yurcik previously served as president, vice president and treasurer for the Ambassadors Club.

The main project this semester for the Ambassadors Club is to partner with Phi Theta Kappa, Student Government Association and Student Activities Programming Board for a community outreach program. Yurcik stated that their goal is “to kind of change the stigma of two-year colleges as well as to try to increase the membership within the club itself.”

According to Lalo, the club officers are currently devising a presentation called Project Outreach that would be presented by club members throughout Morris county. They want to reach out to schools outside of Morris county as well if the presentations prove helpful.  

Ambassadors club meets Thursdays 1:00 p.m. in SCC 133.


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