Dance conference coming to CCM


The halls of County College of Morris will be far from quiet over spring break as the department of music, dance and performing arts will be hosting the American College Dance Association Northeast Region Conference from March 15-18.

The conference is held every year in different parts of the country, and this marks the second time in 20 years that CCM has been chosen to host this prestigious event. More than 350 people are expected to attend.

Participants will be able to learn various types of cultural dances taught by instructors from around the country.

“It’s an opportunity for northeast college dance programs to experience different points of view,” said Terrance Duncan, conference coordinator and dance professor at CCM. “I participated as a student and now as a professor I am able to present my teachings.”

The variety of classes offered at the conference will appeal to all students, whether they are dance majors or not. Students who want to know the origins from modern to ancient dance will all get the same opportunity.

“There’s classical ballet, contemporary dance classes, African dance classes, and much more” said Duncan. “It’s a broad spectrum of everything that dance has to offer.”

Variety in any subject means there will be individuals who have a different way of expressing an idea, allowing for more perspectives on similar topics.

“It’s an opportunity to get broader exposure with different dance styles then what their peers would in regular classes,” said Colleen McArdle, director of special events at CCM. “We tend to work in our own world and this conference allows people expand their horizons.”

For more information contact Duncan at


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