Transfer pathways open up with East Stroudsburg University

By Dan Brodhead

County College of Morris has made it easier for students looking to study biology, business management or criminal justice at East Stroudsburg University.

CCM has signed three credit transferable articulation agreements which will allow students who are graduating to transfer all credits from their major without the fear of having to retake classes.

“There are different types of articulation agreements that benefit students,” said Kari Hawkins, coordinator of transfer services at CCM. “There is credit transfer, financial aid, tuition discount, [and] full admission agreements.”

The department of biological services allows students to choose from a wide variety of majors. Fields of interest include biology, biotechnology, environmental studies, marine science and medical technology. Students who have a passion for research, animals and plant anatomy should consider this unique field. Possible career paths are research biologist, laboratory technician and environmental conservationist.

The department of business management introduces students into the world of business. ESU offers a bachelor of science degree in management and has 600 business majors in their department, making it one of the largest departments on campus. With specializations in accounting, finance, general management and marketing, a degree in business management will give students a leg up in the business world.

The criminal justice program gives students the knowledge and expertise to pursue a criminal justice career. As the fourth largest major in ESU, students will be graining information from professors that want their students to excel. Possible careers include criminology, criminal justice and law.

Whether students know what college they want to attend after graduation or not, all students should take advantage of the college fair. The college fair is an event hosted by Transfer Services on March 8 from 10:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. in the Student Community Center Davidson Rooms. Students can meet with over 60 colleges to talk about majors, tuition, scholarships and other information regarding the college. If students have any questions with transferring to colleges, they should contact Kari Hawkins at Transfer Services.

“You are going to able to transfer with a minimum of 60 credits,” said Tara Wuorinen, manager of academic programs for Rutgers University at CCM. “Even if students aren’t considering Rutgers, I would highly recommend a state school just so they don’t spend too much out of pocket.”

ESU is not the only school CCM has agreements with. They have recently partnered up with West Virginia University, Fairleigh Dickinson University (with a 40 percent tuition discount for CCM degree holders), Montclair State University and others.

“There are some schools that I know have these agreements,” said Nicole Iorio, a nursing major at CCM. “Seton Hall is my dream school but if I don’t get into it then I’ll look at a few of those schools.”

Transferring to a four-year college can be stressful. Everything will be new and exciting and possibly overwhelming. Students need to know that the college they choose after graduating CCM is the best fit for them to finish their degree.


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