No wait for instant decision day

By Zack Martino

Applying to further education from County College of Morris (CCM) involves fees, applications and transcript requests that stack up into an intimidating pile of work, but there are ways to streamline the process for graduating students at CCM.

The CCM Office of Counseling Services and Student Success is offering instant decision day sign-ups to those planning on transferring to four year schools.

“Instant decision day is an opportunity for graduating students to meet with close to a dozen different schools here on campus,” said CCM counselor Kaitlin Najjar. “That instant decision day is an interview between the student and the admission representative that will give the student an answer on the spot on whether or not they’ve been accepted to the school.”

CCM students have the chance to sign up for interviews with a variety of schools, from Fairleigh Dickinson University to William Paterson University.

In addition to meeting with an admission representative, students can avoid paying the application fee, along with skipping the required essays for most participating schools.

Trevor Hurst, a business administration major at CCM, is one of the students taking advantage of an instant decision day. Hurst is applying to both Montclair State University and FDU and is signed up for a meeting with MSU.

“I absolutely do think most students should use instant decision day,” Hurst said. “It’s very quick, simple and you don’t have to pay the fees you otherwise would pay.”

Despite the convenience of the process, it might not be the best option for each student.

“I’m not using instant decision day, but I do think people should use it if they’re dead set on where they’re going,” said Emily Martinez, communication major at CCM. “I know my friend used it last semester and was able to get into the school really easily and didn’t have any problems.”

Instant decision day is designed to be convenient and streamlined, from registration to decision.

“If [students] are in their last semester and they want to do an instant decision day they come here to the Transfer Services Office in the Student Community Center,” Nijjar said. “Then based on GPA minimum of the school, we can sign them up for a 15 minute appointment with a representative that will be coming on campus.”


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