CCM parking lots drive students into a fervor


“It’s insane how long some students are willing to wait for a parking spot,” said Drew Mautz, a visual arts major at CCM.

The school has eight parking lots accessible for students, which should be enough for each student and faculty member. But when location preferences come into play, all the space in the world is not enough.

“It goes without saying that lot seven is the most popular,” Mautz said. “I personally refuse to even try and find a spot there since I know numerous people who try every day and they sit there for a while waiting for classes to end and students to give them their spots.”

Mautz usually tries for lots two or three, which often have available spaces.

Other students are not as willing to take a longer walk to avoid the wait in lot seven.

“I think waiting for the closest spot possible is worth it,” said Victoria Jones, a liberal arts major at CCM. “I hate walking from the far lots to the buildings for classes, I feel so exhausted by the time I reach my classroom. I refuse to park anywhere other than lot seven and will wait however long I have to in order to find a spot.”

Nighttime students have the advantage of using lot five, which is a faculty-only lot during the day.

“A majority of the classes that I take are night classes which begin at 6:30 p.m., meaning I can park in lot five because I park after 5:30 p.m.,” stated Giana Phillips, a liberal arts student taking a few courses at CCM. “I work full time so the night classes were my best option, and parking is super easy to find later at night. If I park in any other lot other than five, which isn’t often, I go to lot seven. The spots there are equal distance for me.”

Whether distance or hour of day determines the spot, CCM students feel strongly about their parking lots.

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