Blackboard becomes backbone of campus communication


Grades, presentations, discussion boards and assignments are just moments away from students at County College of Morris through Blackboard Learn, an online learning portal.

CCM students are assigned to a Blackboard account from their first day on campus in order to access information for some classes. Not all professors use Blackboard, which frustrates some students who want to keep their work organized.

“I find Blackboard helpful when it comes to communicating with professors about homework assignments and material that was reviewed in class,” said Carsyn St. John, a occupational therapy major at CCM. “I would find it even more useful if each professor was required to use the learning portal.”

St. John is not alone in her desire for a more universal adoption of Blackboard throughout campus.

“I actually like Blackboard,” said Faiza Khan, a humanities major at CCM. “It bothers me when professors don’t utilize it.”

The idea that Blackboard is a useful tool stems from its access to class materials and constant updates of grades.

“[Blackboard] keeps me organized and let’s me know how I am doing throughout the semester,” Khan said.

Other students consider Blackboard to be a bit outdated and in need for improvement.

“I would really appreciate if there was a chat, similar to Instant Messenger, to either chat with your professor or even a help desk,” said Jenny Carroll, a communication major at CCM. “Going back and forth from Blackboard to e-mail is tedious. Having a way to communicate on Blackboard fast and effectively would be ideal.”

Carroll said that she is a student that has had several online classes, and professors who love Blackboard. However, she personally feels that Blackboard was frustrating to navigate at first.

“Overall, Blackboard is very boring, and the layout is not interesting to maneuver whatsoever,” said Carroll.

Blackboard Learn can be accessed at


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