Titans look to build off loss to RCBC


Struggles continued for the County College of Morris men’s basketball team as they fell 106-93 to the Rowan College at Burlington County on Thursday, Jan. 26.

The Titans fought to the end, but couldn’t wrangle a victory despite making a drive in the second half.

Head coach Anthony Obery, coaching in his third season at the helm of the CCM men’s basketball team, identified what this game said about his team and what he thinks motivated them to not give up.

“We’ve got to be consistent,” Obery said. “I’ve tried to preach consistency the whole year. I told my guys to find something to play for. Whatever it is, find something to play for within and I think these guys have mental lapse sometimes and I try to get these guys back on the same page because they’re young guys. Most of them are freshmen. They come from decent programs. But I’m trying to get them in the mindset of a winning attitude. So I think that what pushed them is that they’ve made up in their minds that I’m going to fight until I have nothing left. That was our biggest process of getting the guys to understand that. Fight until you have nothing left in the tank.”

Obery said that his team can learn lessons from the game despite losing it. He was impressed with their fight but pointed out what went wrong.

“They showed poise,” he said. “I was proud of them at the end of the game; they showed poise. A couple of mental mistakes defense-wise by fouling 94 feet, but besides that I can take away the attitude they came to play with in the second half. They showed a lot of heart and showed a lot of pride to be a Morris County Titan.”

Jan. 26 is not the only time these two teams will be squaring off this season.

CCM will travel to RCBC for another go at the Barons Saturday, Feb. 11. Obery expressed excitement in playing them again and has an idea of what may work to get the win this time around.

“I want to speed them up,” Obery said. “I want to speed them up again. I think by speeding them up, they make a lot of turnovers. I think that if we can speed them up without fouling, that’s the main thing. If we don’t foul, we will be successful the next time we play those guys.”

The Barons shot from the free throw line 41 times while hitting 28 free throws and turning the ball over 19 times.
If the Titans can avoid getting into foul trouble and keep the opposing players from the charity stripe this time, they will be in a much better position to get a victory.


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