‘The Little Mermaid’ coming to CCM newspaper


“The Little Mermaid” is coming to the County College of Morris this spring. A Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, which is mystical and magical in essence, is much more than just a fairy tale, according to Professor Marielaine Mammon, the director of the play and chair of the performing arts department at CCM.

“It’s a relationship between a father and a daughter; a father and a son,” Mammon said. “It’s about how you handle a family, and it’s also about two different worlds and two different cultures; two different backgrounds, two different races.  It’s the culture under the sea, and the culture that’s on land.  It’s the understanding, and it takes the diversity and the understanding of two different worlds and two different cultures.  It’s much more than a fairy tale.”

There were 62 students that auditioned, and there is a cast of 48.  Mammon is double-casting some of the roles in order to give students a broader opportunity.  The opportunity to participate allows performing arts students to put what they learned in their classes into a practical outlet.  The orchestra, made up of both professors and students, also plays a huge part in the production.

The play will be held Wednesday through Saturday April 5-8, with a matinee on Saturday in the Dragonetti Auditorium, and it is open to the public, including children from ages five and above. This is a perfect opportunity for the campus community to come together.  The subject of the musical draws an audience of broad ranges in age and interests.

“I try to do something for everyone, each show,” Mammon said.  “I wanted something light and magical, and what better than ‘The Little Mermaid’.”


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