New year’s resolutions denied or applied: students attack back


Many people, including students at the County College of Morris, decided what they want to enhance or change about themselves in 2017.

While some people stick with their New Year’s resolutions, it’s more common to throw in the towel, according to research by the University of Scranton which estimates that only 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s goals.

“I actually made a list,” said Hope Motzenbecker, a communication major at CCM.  

“Maybe I deleted it,” Motzenbecker said, as she searched through her phone. “Yeah, I deleted it.”

Motzenbecker recalled that one of the resolutions on her list was to practice the piano everyday. She explained that she did not go through with her resolutions because she had other things to do.

Approximately 40 percent of Americans take part in New Year’s resolutions according to Forbes. The other 60 percent do not set goals for the upcoming year.

“I wanted to get more organized,” said Miguel Romero, a criminal justice major at CCM. “I wanted to get a new job, to make more money.”

Romero said that this year has been going very well for him. He said he is more organized and he recently got a raise at his current job, falling in line with his resolutions.

On the top of the most popular resolutions list is to get healthier according to NBC News. The data from Google shows that “get healthy” was searched 62,776,640 times in 2016.

“I wanted to run more,” said Valentina Marmolejo, a communication major at CCM. “But I haven’t really been outside because it’s been raining nonstop… It’s also freezing so it’s kind of killing any motivation I had in me.”

Many are in the same boat as Marmolejo. Although people are enthusiastic about their resolutions, different variables can slow down the process of accomplishing a certain goal, and, in the end, make walking away the easiest option. Only time will tell how well people do maintaining their resolutions this year.


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