Couples celebrate casual Valentines Day


Whether it is a holiday designed by greeting card companies to pump a profit or not, couples embrace Valentine’s Day to bask in their love together. To unhappy singles, however, Valentine’s Day can be a frustrating reminder of their current relationship status. At County College of Morris, the outlook on Valentine’s day, and love in general, is sweetly optimistic as this playful holiday approaches.

While the special day is right around the corner, couples who are in long term relationships aren’t so concerned with their plans.

“We’re probably just gonna get dinner and hang around my place for Valentine’s Day.” said Jesse Irving, a second year student at CCM. “Being in a longer relationship rather than a new one makes it a lot nicer because I feel that there’s less pressure since we’re already comfortable with each other and know how we want to go about celebrating the ‘holiday’.”

According to a survey done by CNN in 2013, Americans will spend $18.6 billion in total on Valentine’s Day, including flowers, candy, and jewelry to show their sweetheart how much they care. Some students at CCM, however, don’t believe in the traditional Valentine’s Day love.

“I don’t believe in fairytale love but I believe in something like it,” Irving said. “Everyone in the world loves differently, personally fairytale love is a little too cliche for me, and I’m happy with the weird and strange love that my boyfriend and I share.”

With casual-minded college millennials becoming old enough for serious relationships and love, this offhand attitude transfers to their love lives.

“I don’t have any plans,” says Ian Warren, a student at CCM. “We’ll probably just do something little, we don’t really believe in it.”

In a survey done in 2016 by Statistic Brain, 53 percent of women said they would end their relationship if they didn’t receive something for Valentine’s Day, but most students at CCM are not even planning on celebrating the holiday.

Conventional romance is not dead yet, though, despite what some students are planning.

“Yeah, a relationship always needs work,” says Brian Lang, a student at CCM. “But if you meet the right person, I definitely believe in true, storybook love.”

While most students are taking the laid back approach to Valentine’s Day celebrations, love is still in the air at CCM, just a more casual kind. The traditionality of this thousand-year old holiday may be fading away, but the emotions behind it are still there as millennials put their own spin on it.


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