New semester, same gripe

Entertainment Editor

Tuning into the typical hallway banter at the County College of Morris (CCM)  one topic that often takes center stage is that of campus transportation, which includes parking lots, walking paths and police protection.

Many students agree that campus byways are adequately policed and maintained, but some point out there can be an issue with congestion. And of course, the dreaded CCM parking problem.

“It’s only crowded at certain times, really,” said Kyle Shabazian, a communication major at CCM. “Everyone’s usually leaving at 3 [p.m.], so around that time there’s usually a huge line that you’re waiting for. But there’s enough exits to get out. I’m not really waiting too much. It’s not too chaotic, but it can get there at times.”

Lots six and seven are the closest student lots in proximity to the school, whereas the others require a lengthier traverse up a hill to reach campus. Because of the large student population, these closer lots are often full throughout most of the day, forcing many students to opt for lot one, the farthest from much of the school, though it is also the largest lot.

A common complaint among students who have earlier classes is that their inability to find a parking spot jeopardized their timely arrival to class.

“I was late once because I couldn’t find a spot, but that was my first day. And I didn’t really know my way around too well,” Shabazian said.  “You could always go into lot one or two. I definitely think there should be more parking up top, so that you don’t have to walk up all those hills.”

Rare instances have even occurred where every single student parking spot on campus has been taken; in events like this, students have had to go to campus security to attain temporary passes to park in a visitor spot.
           “I’ve had some problems with parking in lot one and having to get to class on the other side of the school,” said Billy Roberts, a liberal arts major at CCM. “It’s often too hard to park anywhere else.”

During peak hours, there is typically a high volume of traffic surrounding the two main entrances and exits to campus. Some students claim that this can create somewhat of an unruly state of affairs.

“I’ve run into a couple issues when it comes to people driving around and not really paying attention, especially on the roads getting off on Route 10,” Roberts said.

Any student who witnesses vehicular misconduct or wishes to voice a safety concern can contact campus security at 973-328-5000.


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