End of semester message from Youngtown staff:

The most fun anyone can have at County College of Morris is being part of the Youngtown Edition production staff. We know it’s the law of the journalism writing land to stay subjective, but it’s an unadul- terated fact that when a student joins the Youngtown, they join a family. We are comprised of fast thinkers, witty talkers, and talented writers, whose growth through writing through our bi-weekly production has blossomed before our eyes. It’s truly amazing to watch timid students quietly take a seat in the corner at our 12:30 p.m. meeting time, and see them walk out at 6:00 p.m. and join our little posse for Thursday night dinner in the Cohen Cafeteria, as if we have been a group of friends for years. Every individual who walks through our production door every Thursday has experienced a whirlwind of poorly brainstormed headlines, where the conclusion to an hour-long argument usually ends in “I hate it, but it’ll work,” and that there are absolutely no food or drinks allowed in the production room. We welcome all into our arms, and it is the drive and passion that brings us and ultimately keeps us together, as long as you know who “The Cranberries” are.


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