New athletic trainer begins work Oct.20

Sports Editor

County College of Morris hired a new athletic trainer during its fall 2016 season to fill a void that had existed since the summer when the previous athletic trainer resigned.

Taylor Fox, who graduated Seton Hall University in May with a master’s degree in athletic training, began working as the CCM athletic trainer Thursday, Oct. 20, when CCM’s men’s and women’s soccer teams were entering the National Junior College Athletic Association Region XIX playoffs.

Fox described a positive transition into his new job.

“It’s been great,” said Fox, who worked in the summer for Aspire Sports Medicine in Philadelphia. “The athletic directors, the coaches are really good.”

Fox said that his hiring came at a convenient time of the year.

“It really hasn’t been that bad since I came in towards the end of the soccer season,” Fox said. “I kind of knew that that was winding down, so I just kind of made that push through their playoff run, and then, now I’ve just got basketball, so it’s kind of a nice period to come in because I know with that quarter break coming up, we’re going to have kind of a little dead period, and then, I get ready for February and spring when the spring sports start.”

John Svendsen, men’s soccer goalkeeper and exercise science major, said that Fox made it easier for players on his team to handle health concerns.

“Not having an athletic trainer had a really big impact on the beginning of the season because we had a lot of injuries with the guys on the team,” Svendsen said. “Unless we were going to actually go to a doctor somewhere, we weren’t really going to get help with them, so when Taylor came along, it was nice to be able to have on sight, every single day, have someone who could help you out and work on anything that was wrong with you.”

CCM athletic director Jack Sullivan said that Fox would need time to set up the trainer’s office his way.

“He’s a hard worker, dedicated,” Sullivan said. “It’s gonna take some time for him to really set it up in his vision because it’s a training room, and the process of having a training room is you’re dealing with all our student athletes. Each trainer has a different — not way of doing things — but maybe a different personality or a different environment that they like to create.”

Fox sait that he has found challenges in organizing the trainer’s room.

“You can see a big pile of boxes out there by my door because it’s just hectic trying to treat these guys that have been getting injuries over the course of the season or preseason,” Fox said. “Meanwhile, I want to get things organized the way I want them in order to be able to do certain things, have more area in the back for exercise and people to roll out and stuff. We’ve got a giant old machine and trash. Also, trying to get everybody’s name down, keep a treatment log, and we’ve got to document injuries that are coming about.”

Fox said that he has found enjoyment in treating CCM’s student athletes.

“I love being able to kind of do the hands-on stuff, treat all the athletes myself, get to know them, kind of do all my little experiments, see what treatment is really effective for them and going over these chronic injuries they’ve been building up because they haven’t had a trainer here with them,” Fox said.


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