EDITORIAL: Iacono starts semester strong

Fall is officially in swing – pumpkin spice lattes have returned to Starbucks and leaves have begun to change color. Students have settled into their routines and some are already preparing for the inevitable rush of work approaching midterms.

Dr. Anthony Iacono is also embracing the fall. He is taking strides to fully understand and engage the County College of Morris community in these first few months of presidency. Iacono has hosted three open houses, inviting staff, faculty and students to meet with him in an atmosphere that encourages discussion and openness to questions. He is continuing to engage with the campus community through new “Conversation and Coffee (CandC) with the President” available to faculty and staff.

He also has taken to sitting in on club meetings to understand what the students are doing – he even visited The Youngtown’s previous production meeting.

This endeavor for participation in campus life shows a real desire to understand what makes CCM “tick” before making any big changes. It’s refreshing to see him sticking to a position he established pre-presidency.

Iacono has a history of taking staff and student feedback and making changes based on that feedback. As vice president of academic affairs at his Indian River State College in Florida Iacono taught a class to better understand what instructors go through.

The attention to understanding the realities of his faculty is one of the reasons he is not planning on making any changes this first semester.

While this plan is sound and responsible, we need to be sure we do not use it to excuse future lack of action once Iacono is sufficiently embroiled in the community.

We hope he stays true to his word as he has done so far. Iacono has kept to his plan of getting to know the community in a day to day environment that hopefully will carry over into real action that has real benefits.


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