PARKING PULSE: Commuting concerns


Coming to terms with the conclusion of summer and trading all day pool parties for three hour classes makes the first week of school stressful from the start and the current parking situation on campus can make it more so.

Then comes the afterthought of 16 weeks of heavy workloads and intense studying, as well as retraining one’s self to operate in a timely fashion to prevent any tardiness or absences.

Setting an early morning alarm and preparing everything one needs the night before seems like a bullet-proof strategy towards success on the first day, right? For many students driving onto campus at the County College of Morris, that is not necessarily the case.

“It was really hard to find parking,” said Zehra Zaidi, a first-semester computer science major. “It took me more than 10 minutes to find a spot.”

For the first few weeks of classes, finding a decent parking spot on campus will be a next to impossible task. Seasoned students of the heavily populated commuter school have learned to take into consideration the extra time it takes to find a spot, but freshman like Zaidi driving to CCM for the first time may not have had that luxury.  

“If I had only gotten here 10 minutes before my class started I would have been late,” said Zaidi. “It would be a good investment for CCM to add more parking spots that are accessible for students.”

Recent renovations to the Cohen Hall cafeteria, the newly built music building and the additional exit added to access Route 10 show students that CCM is working on upgrading the quality of the campus. An additional parking lot for students would make it easier for commuters rushing to find a spot before class, but limited land space on campus poses a problem for an entirely new lot to be built.

“The employee lots are almost always half empty while we’re out here fighting each other for spots,” said returning exercise science major Joe Rossi. “CCM should be maximizing the space that they have already to try and reduce the parking problem.”

Limited spaces is a huge problem for students that needs to be addressed. Circling the same lot for 10 or more minutes becomes extremely frustrating, and tensions run high between the multiple commuters having to fight for the next empty spot.

“People are very aggressive in the lots,” said freshman Liam Shamhart.

Like many other students, Shamhart has experienced first hand how people’s frustration while spot searching can escalate into a hazardous situation.

“I had been driving around for 15 minutes and finally found a spot when a woman who had passed by [the spot] stopped as soon as she saw the person was backing out,” Shamhart said.  “She had blocked them from getting out while also threatening that if I took that spot she would key my car.”


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