EDITORIAL: Join the Youngtown

The Youngtown Edition has been a staple on CCM campus since 1968 when its first issue asked its readers to choose its name. While we no longer need to build the paper using clips of typewritten text, our production meetings are still one of the best ways for students to learn the practical realities of journalism.

The staff of the Youngtown is made up entirely of current CCM students who, with the help of our faculty and technical advisers, are responsible for everything associated with the paper. We choose which stories to run, we write them, we edit them, we take the photos, we layout the pages, and we love it.

There’s a lot of freedom in having a student paper. It encourages the writers to use their voices and develop their senses of independence. We try new things – this semester, we are initiating a parking feature to run all the stories that are submitted to us regarding the less-than-ideal parking situation on campus called “Parking Pulse.”

Some people seem to have a fear of judgement when submitting their writing to their peers. But after last spring, many of our staff members have moved on from CCM and submissions are the best things to see. We love the participation. We love interaction from our readers, our peers. And right now, we could use the help.

It’s a commitment to write for the paper. We only have meetings every other week, sure. But they run for nearly six hours. And every member of our staff is a volunteer with responsibilities outside of the paper. But they give so much of their time and effort to bettering the Youngtown, creating a paper that would not otherwise be possible.

That’s not to say that there are no other benefits to working for the paper. It gives you concrete practice on writing and editing. You will learn software skills. You will walk away from the Youngtown with published clips of your writing that you can show future employers. You could even get a job – our previous Editor-in-Chief, Derek Allen, and former Senior Layout Editor, Drew Notarnicola both work professionally for a newspaper, The Progress. They would not have had the necessary skill set for that job without their experience on the Youngtown staff.

Writing for the Youngtown is one of the most rewarding experiences. It takes hard work, but we have fun. Stop by and see what’s going on at one of our biweekly production meetings, or email us at youngtownedition@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you.


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