CCM students’ tips and tricks for dealing with stress

By Kelly Dzialo

With jam packed schedules full of assignments, work and personal obligations, students across the County College of Morris campus find themselves dealing with daily stress.

While many have found methods to deal with the overwhelming pressure college life entails, others find it too much to bear and allow stress to take a toll on their personal lives.

“I don’t get much sleep at night,” said Brianna Affinto, an art major at CCM. “I’m a full time student and I work full time so sleep isn’t very high on my list of priorities. I go to school all morning, I work all night and any spare time in between is spent studying or doing homework. I came to CCM to try and bring up my GPA up before I transferred to a 4-year school and I don’t intend to break that plan.”

Affinto focuses on finding an avenue for channeling the stress her goals put on her.

“Thank god I’m an art major and I get to draw everything out. When I’m stressed I challenge it into whatever assignment I have and the output is always pretty good,” said Affinto.

If art is not the escape to other students that it is to her, Affinto said her advice is to look at the big picture.

“Why do you come to campus every day? What do you want out of life? Or do you just get out of bed at 8’o clock in the morning for no good reason?”

Criminal justice major Catherine Brown said that the stress of classes in constantly on the back of her mind. “I’m taking three online classes this semester,” Brown said. “I thought it would make managing time easier but it seems like every day is a due date for something.”

Brown works full time as a waitress, and managing time is a top priority for her when things get busy.

“School is extremely important,” Brown said. “No matter what field you choose to go into in life, it requires some sort of education, but while you work towards the future you shouldn’t forget to have fun. We’re young, we want to do well but we can’t forget to have some fun in between it all. My best advice is for every accomplishment, relax, and do one fun thing. Reward yourself.”

It takes different students different amounts of time to figure out their stress management plan.

Tyler Bishop, chemistry major at CCM, said he allowed stress to let him believe he wasn’t cut out school and was in over his head when he made the decision to attend college.

“This is my second year in college,” Bishop said. “My first semester was extremely stressful. It was a huge change from high school. Everyone seemed so prepared and I left like I missing something.”

Taking only 3 classes this semester, Bishop learned that a smaller workload allowed him to focus more on his studies and decreased the level of responsibility that was expected of him.

“I took 5 classes my first semester,” Bishop said. “I learned pretty fast being a full time student was too hard for me and was the reason my stressful level was through the roof. You get to college and you feel a strong sense of independence but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for some help along the way. I needed help my first semester and advisement helped me realize I need more time to do work.”

There is no one right way to deal with stress. Taking time and learning how you best learn and grow is the best way to find a method that works for you.


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