Letter from the Editor

This is it. This is the last one. My last submission for the Youngtown Edition.

I’ve been part of the Youngtown for most of my three years at CCM. I’ve seen it morph from having a big red banner to the way it looks today, and I’ve seen two Editor-in-Chiefs come and go. If you’d have told me I would be Editor-in-Chief when I first started here I would’ve laughed – yet somehow it happened.

And here we are.

It has been a tremendous learning experience working with everyone here at the Youngtown, and I am incredibly proud of everything we’ve been able to accomplish during my time here.

Through a lot of hard work, we’ve managed to change the Youngtown into a paper that puts out timely, polished pieces that look fantastic (thanks to our all-star designers). We’ve managed to win awards, and I’m proud to say we have people interested in what we print, and it’s all thanks to the amazing team we have here.

I’m going to miss you nerds.

I have a lot to say about the benefits you can reap about the Youngtown, for any prospective journalists out there. We can provide you with published clips, we can teach you how to use design software and Russ (our adviser) can potentially provide you with professional connections in the business.

That’s all well and great, but honestly, that’s just half of what makes the Youngtown so appealing.

Join for the people. Through late night post-production meals in the cafeteria, and rampant sarcastic inside jokes, to crowding around a computer to think up better headlines for stories (the funniest ones are always unpublishable) we have so much fun.

We’ve had a blast, going to Mexican restaurants for some fabled, mashed-before-your-eyes tableside guac and going to see Spotlight in theatres when it came out (JOURNALISM). We’ve always found a way to have fun, put out a great paper, and mercilessly joke about each other and anything else going on.

It was stressful at times, but the stress always pays off.

When I started out, I was concerned I was going to be broke with an associate degree I couldn’t use. Leaving the Youngtown, I’m graduating and transferring my skills into a job at a real newspaper for a year – from there, who knows. If you told me that when I first came here, I’d really be laughing.

Join the Youngtown. Even if you’re not a journalism major, you can garner important skills that can be used with any job. Through design, writing, or taking photos, you can leave your mark on the Youngtown.

Who knows, you just might be Editor-in-Chief one day.

-Derek Allen


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