CCM professor finds funds for passion on kickstarter

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After traveling more than 4,000 miles and crowdfunding $8,000, José Beviá, professor of music at the County College of Morris, released his second CD of original compositions in 2015.

Included on the two-disk CD are “Symphony No. 2: Shapes of the Cities,” which was recorded by the North Czech Philharmonic in the Czech Republic and funded through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. According to Beviá, of Union City, that composition was inspired by the New York City skyline. Also included on the CD are four other arrangements, “El Puente de las Almas,” “Trio No. 3,” “Cenizas Y Fuego” and “Trio No. 4.”

Those compositions were recorded in Connecticut, Prague, New York City and New Jersey. When asked where Beviá got his inspiration from he also mentioned Sydney, Australia; Bisbee, Sweden; Rome, Italy and all of the architectural forms that he’d found there.

“Many members of the CCM community helped me to make this project a reality: faculty, administration, staff, alumni and students,” says Beviá. “They helped me create and advertise the Kickstarter campaign and many donated, too.”

Another CCM professor, Denise Barbarita, did most of the recording and mixing work for the album. Two former CCM music students, Bethany Damato and Patricia Anselmo, are featured in one of the compositions and another CCM alumnus, Anouska Swaray, co-wrote the CD liner notes.

“The most interesting place to record was in Connecticut when we recorded El Puente,” said Beviá. “It was very difficult because we had to take all of our own gear including two Harpsicorts. They go out of tune about every hour and were especially sensitive due to the freezing cold weather which makes them go out of tune more quickly. Recording there was a challenge but turned out to be very successful.”

A lot of Beviá’s music is directly influenced by his native country of Spain. He grew up with the folk music of Spain known as Flamingo which is especially apparent in his song “Cenizas y Fuego”. The CD is available through CD Baby at

Beviá is an award-winning composer and musician, who has earned five top prizes from various music competitions and organizations. The awards came from places all over the world, from New York to Greece.

This year, he was included, along with 27 other composers, in the book “Composition in the Digital World: Conversations with 21st Century American Composers” by Robert Raines.

“There’s no recipe for success other than hard work,” said Beviá. “Pursue your dreams and push yourself to the next level.”



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