Clinton losing County College of Morris clout



With the New Jersey primaries coming up in June and less than half the primary contests left ahead, the County College of Morris students are beginning to cement their political leanings for this election cycle. Having remained largely undecided, many students are now beginning to watch the race closely to help shape their decisions. While many students are wrestling with indecision, one sentiment seems to be echoed among them: a growing sense of disillusionment toward Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“I thought before that I was going with Hillary but a couple things came up that I saw recently,” said Helen Burke, a human services student, “I’m questioning my [support].”

Largely disregarded due to being one of the last primaries held, the New Jersey primary is often considered to be irrelevant to the outcome of the race. However, this year the New Jersey primary could have a larger impact. Having raised $42 million in donations in February and $44 million in donations in March, Sen. Bernie Sanders has expressed his intention to continue his campaign despite suffering heavy losses during the March 15 contests. With such a divisive and heated race, it is conceivable that both candidates will press on until June, granting the New Jersey primaries a greater significance than in recent years.

Shaken by recent statements made by the Clinton campaign, Burke said that she wants to see a candidate who will tackle the growing issue of poverty. Recent statewide funding cuts trouble Burke, who is a social worker and has seen the impact of conservative policies first-hand. As a registered Democrat, Burke said that she will “absolutely” be voting in the New Jersey primaries.

“From what I’ve read, Hillary is very reflective; copy-cat like,” said Jason Driesse, a communication student and ex-Republican who has become an Independent voter. “She’s trying to win people over…by saying what they want to hear.”

Citing recent accusations that Clinton is mimicking the rhetoric used by the Sanders campaign, Driesse said he does not trust Clinton’s promises and that he’s “not a fan” of Hillary.

“The one thing that I do like is that she already has experience,” said Alejandro Garavito, a biology student and registered Republican. Stating his interest in Republican candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, Garavito intends to vote in the New Jersey Republican primary.

Garavito said he was concerned about Clinton’s mixed and occasionally contradictory stances on issues.

“She’s very on and off,” said Garavito.


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