Trump vs. Cruz: is there a lesser of two evils?

Senior Opinion Editor

With Donald Trump dominating media coverage, the extremities of the platforms of other Republican candidates are less obvious. While Trump is leading both in polls and in asinine comments, opponent Ted Cruz may actually be even more extreme in his ideologies.

Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, junior Senator from Texas, prides himself on his evangelical views, his desire to abolish the separation of church and state and his work towards restricting abortions and closing women’s health clinics in his state.

Ted Cruz also apparently doesn’t care about war crime convictions when in office because his approach to dealing with terrorism will be simply to “carpet bag” them or bomb them with no regards for civilian casualties which is considered a war crime by the terms of the Geneva Conventions.

Cruz is most widely known for his 2013 filibuster against the Affordable Care Act in which he spoke for 21 hours in which he read tweets and “Green Eggs and Ham” on the floor of the U.S Senate. Now running for the office of president, Cruz still stands by his actions that led to the third longest government shutdown in history and plans to repeal Obamacare on his first day in office while providing no coverage plans to the millions who will lose their health insurance. How will President Cruz change the country for the better if he has a history of putting his beliefs before the needs of others?

Cruz, a Canadian immigrant born to Cuban-American parents, plans to deport all 12 million undocumented immigrants that currently live in the U.S. While Trump has this same idea, Cruz has revealed that he has a plan to actually do it. He will use U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement as a task force to go knocking on doors to arrest immigrants. This includes immigrants that have lived here for the majority of their lives and some who have children who may have been born here, making them legal citizens. He also wants to track immigrants, according to his website, in the same manner as “Amazon and Fedex can track packages”.

After severing millions of families through deportation Ted Cruz also plans to eliminate the Internal Revenue Service and the Departments of Energy, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, and Education and has provided no clarification for how the tasks done by those departments will get fulfilled.

The Republican Party is leaving much to be desired this election cycle and with Trump so far into the race, many Republicans are jumping onto the “Never Trump” bandwagon a little late. The effort to stop Trump may benefit Cruz but we have to ask ourselves who is really going to be the lesser of two evils in this situation: a Tea Party, radical Senator who knows how to manipulate the government or an entertainer who will say anything and appeal to anyone to get what he wants. While Trump craves attention and latches onto the week’s topic of conversation at least he sticks to his guns like when he was booed during a debate for opposing the Iraq War. Cruz on the other hand is deeply committed to his Tea Party ideology and is not well liked at all in Washington D.C.

Unfortunately, moderate Republicans like John Kasich who are generally nice, sensible people are being left behind as the radical demagogues and bullies sweep up delegates across the country. What we are witnessing is a primary election that is not based on legitimate policy and experience but is based instead on fear mongering and playing to the crudest prejudices that still exist in many Americans.


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