Students’ reading habits deeply affected by start of new semester

Entertainment Editor

For many, reading is a gateway to another, less stressful, world. Balancing time to read for class and time just to read for fun is difficult for most students.

“I’m a big supporter of reading, but when I’m in the full swing of a semester I just can’t focus on my own reading, “said visual arts student Emily Sullivan.

Students such as Sullivan have a difficult time finding the balance between required reading and their reading for pleasure because, according to some, there is just too much required reading for classes.

“If I try leisure reading, I tend to fall asleep no matter what I start,” said Ben Foerster, a biology major at CCM. “It isn’t the content, no, but the time I have to read for fun. I feel like I’ve read less since I started school this semester, more than ever in my life.”

There is a fine line of balance, and some students have fallen into habits that impact their school performance.

“One semester, I got caught up in a series of books so bad that I couldn’t put them down,” said Sullivan. “I read probably more than eight books in a three week period, and my grades went down. I had exams. Huge mistake.”

Reading, to some students, is extremely important. In some cases, required readings for school can be fun; most of the time these readings are not.

“Honestly, I have a hard time reading what I’m assigned,”said Kyle Ducote, a history major. “I find the class readings to be so boring, and uninspiring that I just don’t read them. I’d rather use my time better, and read other things, like novels that have meaning.”

Extracurricular reading is far from a ‘bad habit’ but, during a semester, it can prove to be detrimental.

“It’s my last semester here at CCM, and I can’t be bothered with my free reading,” said Kiera Simmons, English education major at CCM. “I’ve got so much for my courses that I can’t even look at my book shelves full of unread books. I’m so stressed out and tired from my class readings that my ‘to be read’ pile has been left entirely unread since January 22.”

Leisure reading during a busy semester is something that many college students just haven’t gotten the grasp of managing into their time yet.

If a student likes to read, then they should do it. It is simple enough, but some either choose to ignore it while the semester is going on or they ignore their other readings, and focus only on the entertainment.


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