CCM softball team takes on national competitors


This March, the women’s softball team at the County College of Morris will be packing up and heading to Orlando, Fla. to compete against teams from across the country.

There will be 19 players and three coaches going down in hopes of winning the week­long double­header games.

“We have been practicing everyday and playing a lot of games in preparation for our games in Florida,” said Nicole Iorio, a nursing major at CCM. “My mindset going into the games is just to make a minimal amount of errors and run as fast as I can.”

The three coaches have been working very hard with the athletes, training them almost everyday.

“We have been practicing a lot of infield, outfield and team drills that will come in handy on game days,” Iorio said. “I’m both nervous and excited and I know all the girls are really eager to play.”

Breanna Csakvary, a power hitter, has a right arm injury from overuse but still plans to participate in the games in Florida.

“Thanks to physical therapy, trainers and the coaches, I’m still able to go,” said Csakvary. “I’m excited to go because I think our team works well together, and it was so cool to see a group of strangers come together as a family over the course of a few seasons.”

Kim Vansavage, a liberal arts major, said she is excited to go to Florida because all of the games thus far have been local, and she wants a change of scenery and weather.

Vansavage, an outfielder, said that in order to make her coach, Greg Wardlow, proud, she has to run back for any ball that goes over her head to catch it.

“My coach has made me a better player, and he is really encouraging,” said Vansavage. “So I want to show him how much I have improved. I need to watch for bad hops and adjust for them to make the plays.”

Vansavage said putting her teammates in the best position possible is what she is most concerned about.

The team will play at the Disney Sports Center, known as the Wide World of Sports Complex.

“On Wednesday we will be going to a water park, and I’m probably most excited about that,” Vansavage said.


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