Shooting hoops to ‘Kill Cancer’

Sports Editor


The women’s basketball team at the County College of Morris dedicated its final game of the 2015-16 season as a “Kill Cancer Night” and a “Sophomore Night.”

The team donated the proceeds from its final game of the 2015-16 season to the Hackensack University Medical Center to help alleviate the medical bills of one of the hospital’s leukemia patients, the father of a player on the team. The team raised money by charging attendees admission and accepting donations.

“I was pleased that [the players] were doing a community service,” said Brenda DeNure, head coach of women’s basketball. “I think it’s important that the girls understand what it means to be a part of the community.”

Some players on the team spoke about the effect that the event will have.

“[The patient] loves basketball; he loves watching his daughter play, so I think she thought it was pretty nice of us to get something like that together to do that for him,” said Pamela Hun, nutrition major. “We had matching socks, we made bows for each other for the game, and we all got together for a cause to play basketball and raise money for her father. “

Brielle Bolgero, exercise science major, said the event accomplished a lot.

“Us donating it really helped a lot of people,” Bolgero said.

Bolgero said she admired the generosity people on the men’s basketball team showed who attended the event.

“Even though we didn’t charge the boys any money to watch, all of them did donate money,” Bolgero said. “That was a nice thing to hear.”

To show their support, about 50 to 60 people attended the game.

“We raised awareness that we have a CCM basketball team, and people came to support, so maybe next year, the girls will have more supporters and fans to come out for them,” Hun said. “It keeps you positive when people are watching and cheering for you, so I feel that it will be better for the team next year.”

Monica Kulelcki, an exercise science major, said she was impressed with the turnout.

“It was our last game, so I was hoping a lot of people would come out and support us,”

Before the game, DeNure gave her sophomores a speech and several gifts, including a cake with pictures of the their faces, basketball shaped cookies with their names on it, balloons, and flowers.

“I really enjoyed it,” said Michaela Piserchia, a hospitality management major. “I wasn’t sure if they were gonna do anything like that. Last year we were kind of in between coaches, and so they weren’t really sure what to do. It was really nice that they recognized the sophomores.”

DeNure said the sophomores, who will not play for CCM next season, played their hearts out in their last game.

“They gave everything they had,” said DeNure. “I said, ‘It was the last game you will play here. Give it everything you’ve got.’”

Hun, a sophomore, said it might be her last game in general.

“I mean, for me, I’ve been playing my whole life, so it was just sad to realize that I’m never going to play on an actual team again,” said Hun.

Bolgero, another sophomore, said they went into the game trying to get a win against their tough competitor, Manor College.

“We all played really hard and gave it our all,” said Bolgero.

According to DeNure, the team lost 69-40 to Manor, but managed to raise $130 for their cause.



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