Kids in the hall: CCM students dish favorite campus corners



The County College of Morris is a small campus with few halls for classes to be held. Many students can name all the halls, but are only comfortable navigating a few due to their major and where they study most. Here are a few students that put their knowledge to the test on if they really know their college campus.

Josh Quinones, an engineering science major at CCM, said that his favorite hall on campus is

Henderson Hall.

“Its beautiful and the classes are math oriented.” Quinones said.

Quinones said he wouldn’t mind CCM’s campus to increase in size.

“I would actually much rather have more halls,” said Quinones. “It would be nice to have more

halls that are more major oriented.”

CCM has a select few number of halls that usually specify with certain majors, but additions of

new halls would allow for more diverse education.

Nicole McGrogan, a liberal arts major at CCM, said she can easily list all of the halls that CCM

has to offer.

“Emeriti, Cohen, Sheffield, Demare and Henderson Hall,” said McGrogan. “There are so few on

campus it’s hard not to know each one.”

McGrogan stresses that most students can list all halls available due to small size.

“I like the few halls at CCM,” said McGrogan. “I wouldn’t want a larger campus.”

McGrogan praises the size of campus for its convenience and easy access to school offices and

facilities through short walking distances.

Chris Woodbury, a business major at CCM, said Cohen Hall is his favorite hall that CCM has to


“Cohen Hall is where the majority of my classes have been, so I feel comfortable in those

rooms,” said Woodbury. “Getting to and from Cohen Hall is easy and familiar.”

Woodbury finds himself studying mostly in Cohen Hall and therefore knows it better than any

other hall on CCM’s campus.

“I like majority of the halls at CCM,” said Woodbury. “They’re mostly interconnected, so you’re

not usually forced to walk outside which comes in handy for poor weather conditions.”

The convenience of CCM’s halls makes students’ learning experiences easier, due to one

building being interconnected with various halls rather than splitting up into separate buildings

scattered around campus.

CCM’s campus overall seems likeable from students. Its small size and convenience of getting

from one class to the next has been made simple with interconnecting buildings and halls

dedicated to specific majors and education areas. Students are able to familiarize themselves with the few halls that they ultimately find themselves studying and learning in most.


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