CCM students wrestle with major decision



Many students at the County College of Morris are uncertain about what they want to declare as their major. To some, picking a major is the same thing as trying to decide what career they will have for the rest of their lives. Because of this, some people end up having to change their majors multiple times, resulting in an extension on their graduation date and being forced to spend more money. Most students at CCM, and at other colleges, tend to pick their major based on what they’re most passionate about or what they excel at the most. Sometimes, a student can have too many interests which can lead to trouble picking just one concentration.

“I have so many interests that I often find it difficult to pick just one major,” said Megan McCevoy, a liberal arts major at CCM. “I might just have to settle with human resources since I’m really good at customer service.”

On the other hand, with jobs being so plentiful in the math and science fields, some college students tend to pick their majors based on the probability of being hired immediately after graduation.

“I have always been a people person, I do love helping people,” said Heather Sommers, a nursing student at CCM. “But I also decided to get a nursing degree because there will always be a demand for nurses. I want a secure job after college.”

The majority of the student population at CCM tends to be in their early twenties, so this is a common problem on campus because it can be difficult for people that age to decide the trajectory of their lives. This uncertainty can cause people to change their minds constantly, thus increasing the time it takes to graduate with a degree.

“I’m not entirely sure what I want to do after [college], which is why I’m a liberal arts major,” said Spyridoula Fotinis, a liberal arts major at CCM. “But I do know that I want to travel or do something with the United Nations, so I’ll probably end up majoring in international studies.”

Because some of the students are uncertain about what they want to obtain their degree in, it starts to become an exorbitant expense. College is not cheap, and some people end up having to take out loans or apply for financial aid.

“In a way, it’s almost a little risky trying to choose a major,” Fotinis said. “You’re spending so much money in getting an education and you can’t always be sure that you will get a job in your field.” Another fear that many students have is investing a lot of money in their college courses and, after four years, ending up with a large amount of debt and a job that they could have had even without a degree.

“I love drawing and painting and art in general,” Sommers said. “But I don’t want to become a ‘starving artist.’ I’m scared that I will end up in debt and be unable to pay it off if I get a low paying job.”


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