New trends in online shopping

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Going to a store and picking out items for hours on end is becoming a past time experience in todays society. Now, the epicenter for shopping is an at home computer or a technological device in hand. With a few clicks, the order placed could arrive within hours or the same day making it easier for the user.  County College of Morris students are accustomed to this way of shopping, but big companies and local stores are trying to innovate new ideas to reach the Millennial demographic.

The main website that Jennie Abat, a liberal arts major, visits for her one-stop shopping  is Amazon.

“They have everything, and I have Prime, so I get my stuff within two days,said Abat. According to, Amazon Prime is an annual membership program for $99 per year, which offers customers unlimited free two-day shipping on more than 20 million items across all categories with access to Prime Instant Video and Prime Music. Abat pointed out that  being a student at CCM, made her eligible for Amazon Student, a program created exclusively for college students, where they pay $49 and have access to all the same amenities as a regular Prime member.

I love the bundles,” Abat said. “The last thing I bought was a Polaroid camera, and the bundle was you get two packs of film with the camera, in comparison to getting the camera alone. You save more by just getting the bundle instead, even though you have to pay an extra five dollars.”  

At Sams Club,  a customer can acquire the same bundle because the store is known for selling mass quantities.

But, sometimes in stores, they dont have [the camera] in the color I want, so I like how on Amazon everythings there,Abat said.

The reviews have also been valuable in guiding her to a better quality product.

I can look at the lower right hand side and see the consumer said something about this product. Whereas in the store you have to know the product, kind of  assume that its a good product.’’

Walking into the supermarket with a list in hand and selecting name brand food items is also altering with the times. On Nov 6, 2013, the Shoprite of Greater Morristown launched Shoprite from Home, where customers can order their groceries online and have the option of them being picked up or delivered.

I have about 36,000 customers that shop here a week and about 3 to 4 percent of people use the service,said Guido Ferrara Jr., manager of the Shoprite of Greater Morristown. Its very labor intensive because the employees actually have to put each individual order together.

This service has increased staff production  in order to meet the demand for this stores pickup and delivery service.

About 60 percent of people request to have their order delivered, and 40 percent have it picked up,Ferrara said.

Alicia Grajales,  a nursing major, said her mother utilizes the service.

Shell go and place the order online and pick it up, Grajales said.Its more convenient for her instead of going there, going through each aisle, trying to pick out everything.  She can just see everything online. She doesnt have to go out and waste gas. She can just go there on the way home.

Shoprite from Home is competing with companies such as eBay and Amazon. According to a press release in May 2015, Amazon rolled out a Prime Now hub in Manhattan. This app will offer free two-hour delivery from local stores, while one hour delivery is $7.99 in select zip codes. Customers can purchase prepared foods, groceries and baked goods. Prime Now is only available in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Dallas, Manhattan and Miami.

This is why we need Shoprite at Home because it offers promotion for our business,’’ Ferrara said.  

With the abundance of sites to surf and apps to peruse, online shopping is not diminishing anytime soon. Instead, it will be the way of the future for most.


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