Nine new full-time hires join CCM faculty


Nine new full-time faculty members have been hired at the County College of Morris to fill open positions, despite last year’s reductions in force. The new hires will be filling positions in the Business, Mathematics, Engineering, Health and Natural Sciences and Liberal Arts divisions.

“The people we hired have outstanding credentials, we’re very excited to have them join us,” said Edward Yaw, CCM President. “We’re very happy with the quality we’re able to attract this year.”

Eight of the nine new hires either hold a doctorate degree or are in the process of obtaining one.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of CCM,” said Anthony Valentino, assistant professor in English and one of the new hires to CCM faculty. “I’ve been amazed at the positive bond that exists between the faculty members in my department, and I think that really enhances what we are able to offer to our students.”

Dorothy Artale, an assistant professor in Biology, said she was honored to become a member of the CCM community.

“On a daily basis I interact with dedicated educators, professional staff, and driven students. I am excited for a very bright future here at CCM.”

Some may be critical of hiring new staff after last year’s budget cuts, but the new staff was needed to fill open positions.

“We hired nine new faculty members but we also didn’t fill two positions based on retirements,” Yaw said. “We actually eliminated two positions from the budget, so we will not be hiring for those positions in the near future. The positions we filled were all vacant positions from people that retired or left the college for other reasons. In most cases, they were replaced at salaries that were significantly lower than the people who left those positions.”

At the time of the interview, 8,086 students were currently registered in all sessions running compared to last year’s 8,096 students. That’s less than a 1 percent loss, which is better than the 2 percent projected loss. However, last year’s enrollment saw a ten percent decline, a steep drop with steep costs.

The CCM Board of Trustees faced a $1.9 million budget shortfall due to low enrollment, and chose to eliminate more than 15 positions as well as disbanding CCM’s ice hockey team last year.

With enrollment still slightly declining, many are fearful for the future of the college.


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