Healthy eating at Cohen Café

Food Editor

It’s 12:45p.m. and students are hungrily looking for something to satisfy their appetite in fifteen minutes. Students can come  into the Cohen Hall café and get some chicken fingers and fries or go to a vending machine and decide if they want a bag of chips or candy. Students have a lot of difficulty maintaining a healthy lifestyle with these options.

“I’m totally wary about what I eat and it’s definitely a challenge,” said Brian Pereyra, a communication major. “The healthier items that the café has to offer are more expensive. A cup of pretzels and hummus is more expensive than a plate of fries.”

Pereya said that the food offered at the café is fast and cheap, but it’s not the healthy choice for students. He proposed that bringing food from home would be a better choice because a student would be able to plan to bring healthier items with them knowing what the café has to offer.

“The food provided is very sub-par and I think the staff even knows that,” said Deric Volta, a chemistry major. “The little healthy options are too expensive. If I’m in a rush I’ll usually fill up on black coffee and some kind of carb, like a bagel to fill me up fast and keep me full.”

Volta said that to save money, he would also recommend bringing in food from home.

“A big basic is to get enough water,” said Dr. Michael Paul, assistant chairperson of the department of health and exercise science. “The water refillers around campus are a big benefit for a student to stay hydrated all day. It’s always better to brown bag it, bring anything from home. If you get at least five fruits and vegetables a day that would be the best benefit to eating healthier.”

Paul explained that eating in moderation will help college students stay healthier.

“If you’re going to eat a doughnut and you’re still hungry, have a whole wheat bagel. Don’t eat another doughnut.”

Kelly Miniter, assistant professor in exercise science, said students should look locally around the campus for healthier options, avoiding the school cafe.  

“I know A&P has a fresh salad bar and also prepared sandwiches that are reasonably priced,” said Miniter. “Little snacks like trail mix to bring around with you would be good, it keeps you full and also energized throughout the day.”

Miniter said that the vending machine in the Health and Physical Education building has better choices than the rest of the vending machines on campus. A healthy lunch that would be good every day would be a soup and salad if the campus has that to offer.


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