Film Club welcomes new members

Staff Writer

Operating as the eyes and ears on the County College of Morris campus, the film club works diligently behind the camera to highlight all that the school has to offer. Working countless hours alongside several groups on campus, the club films all events that take place at CCM, and have most recently begun working with the music department to film a variety of talented musicians. With several new projects approaching, the club is constantly improving and artistically growing.

“It’s a place where people can go to not only learn how to film, write, edit, and produce, but it’s also where they can expand their skills and meet people who want to do the same thing,” said Matthew McCloskey, co-president of the Film Club.

With Halloween coming up, vice-president, Lauren Digney proposed the idea of a horror film, one McCloskey described as a Halloween murder mystery party with a comedic aspect. Being the first movie for McCloskey, and co-president, Luis Heineman, the film is being put together as a group production – everyone’s input is considered, and no one is ever wrong.

“Gathering everything is always the biggest challenge – actors, props, and wardrobe is largely based on donations,” McCloskey said.“We’re broke college students. Whatever donations we receive truly help us out.”

The club is in high demand for costumes and asks whomever wishes to donate to put them in plastic bags with their names and contact information. If you wish to appear in the film as an extra enjoying the spirit of Halloween, please reach out to the film club. The club can be reached at


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